• Teacher Childcare Vacancy In Childcare centers in Amsterdam or Amstelveen

    • Salary € 2.177 – € 2.964 Gross
    • Choose your own working hours
    • Fixed days and normal working hours 
    • Training in “Natural development” by Hestia 
    • Possibility to discover and grow your talents 
    • Year-end bonus and discount on gym membership 
  • How will you learn at Hestia?

  • Teacher Childcare English

    Hestia is a bilingual Childcare organisation with four locations in Amsterdam & Amstelveen. Our Childcare teachers day: Hestia is Unique and I wouldn’t want to work for any other Childcare organisation. Why do they say that?

    • Natural development is key here. Think Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner, Gordon and many more. Hestia has developed her own training courses and ensures that after a while you become an expert in the field of child development.
    • Lots of freedom in your work. Within the framework of our pedagogical vision and working method, you can give your own interpretation to activities and use your own talents. Whether it’s creativity, sports, music or healthcare, everything is equally valuable.
    • We do it differently. Hestia is innovative in childcare. Driven by our social responsibility, we build together on inclusion, sustainability and awareness. And our Pedagogical Employees play a leading role in this.

    What I love about working at Hestia is that we celebrate all cultures here. The Indian festival of lights, the Chinese New Year or Keti Koti. We teach children what it means to be inclusive and celebrate diversity.

    — Kelly Horn

    What is it like to work for Hestia?

    We are an organization with a big vision: to be an example for how childcare organizations and schools can be part of the change towards a more conscious and social world in the future. It is our mission to stimulate children to discover themselves and to be satisfied with themselves. From there to seek connection with others, society, culture and nature with curiosity, respect and compassion. So working for Hestia is really different from working for other childcare organisations. How do you notice that? You really should come by to experience it for yourself. But to give you some examples:

    • We are international and have a total of more than 20 nationalities working for us. Our children and parents also come from all over the world. Inclusion is extremely important.
    • Keti Koti is a standard day off for our staff because we think it is important to reflect on this and set an example.
    • Nature and outdoor games are key here. We have a vegetable garden at each location, we play outside every day and encourage risky play.
    • We love to celebrate your talent. Are you good at yoga? Then we would like to invite you to share this with the children and your colleagues. Do you have a passion for gardening?
    • As far as we are concerned, you are the vegetable garden manager at the location. Would you like to delve further into the Reggio Emilia pedagogy? That is possible, because in addition to our two study days and our own training “The Hestia Way” we like to offer our employees the opportunity to further develop through our training budget.

    Who are we looking for?

    Pedagogical professionals who want to help children learn to do themselves and get excited about Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner. People who find sustainability important and want to work according to the philosophy of, for example, permaculture. Pedagogical employees who find diversity and inclusion important and who feel comfortable in an international company. In short, people who want to be meaningful and who want to build a new form of childcare with us.



    Come join us now!

    Do you recognize yourself in this and do you have a diploma that is approved for working in childcare*? Fill in the form below or send an email with all your questions to info@hestiakinderopvang.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible! 

    *If you have a diploma from another European country, then you will need to apply for recognition of your qualification through DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). Further information on this process is available through https://duo.nl/particulier/buitenlands-diploma-in-nederland/werken-in-de-kinderopvang.jsp completing the DUO application form, please select all the job positions in childcare.

    If you have a diploma from outside the EU, you first need to do an international credential evaluation. This is a written statement, which indicates the value of a foreign diploma or study programme in the Netherlands. It contains a comparison of a foreign diploma or study program with the Dutch educational system. You can apply for a credential evaluation through www.idw.nl. In some cases, this is enough, but sometimes, when it is not completely clear if a diploma is enough, a check can be done through the FCB – www.kinderopvang-werkt.nl (only Dutch).

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