Hestia Rivierenbuurt

  • Hestia Rivierenbuurt

    Uiterwaardenstraat 542, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6617937

    Hestia Rivierenbuurt offers bilingual daycare and after school care. Your child from ages 0-12 is welcome with us! We are not the only ones proud of the location, also Mayor Eberhard van der Laan told us during the opening he “had never seen such a beautiful daycare”.

    The building was designed with Reggio Emilia, our philosophy, as an inspiration. It was built as a city: a number of rooms, a central square and a connection to outside. The building received numerous nominations for its design. All activities here are bilingual and there are Dutch and English speaking teachers in each group. This makes it easy for children to learn and use two languages.

    There are all kinds of areas in which the children can explore. As in a real city, all spaces are connected and you can go from large to small, from high to low areas. The location also has a discovery garden and is gladly used by the children. We regularly take trips to parks in our neighbourhood. Of course healthy, hot meals are part of our approach, cooked with and for the children. Where possible, we choose from organic products.

    After school care – LRK-number: 999652552
    Daycare – LRK-number: 128536111

    The activities in all groups are also offered in English.