• The best version of yourself

    The Hestia approach is to understand which knowledge and skills young children already possess. By playing, we help them to develop themselves. Hestia works with the Reggio Emilia pedagogical concept: the child is born rich and competent and can express itself in a 100 different languages. In this way, the child becomes the best version of itself!

    International and bilingual Amsterdam and Amstelveen are multicultural cities. We make sure this is also visible in our day and after school care: children learn to speak both English and Dutch here. Our highly experienced teachers are from a variety of countries and so are our customers: from Japan to Peru and from Poland to The Netherlands. The Hestia approach is well known and people from all over the world travel to our locations for inspiration.

  • Bad weather doesn’t exist: it is always good weather to play outside.

    • Art, culture and nature

      Are important components of our approach. At our childcare this means children get to visit the Rijksmuseum before age four.

    • Every child has its own talent

      Therefore we focus on multiple intelligences.

    • The Night Watch

      Annually, 140 children see Rembrandt’s Night Watch before their 4th birthday.

    • Strolling hours

      Toddlers aged 2-4 annually stroll 14.500 hours

    • Creativity

      Our in house artist annually works over 7700 hours with the children

    • Hot meals

      a year. Cook together, eat together.

    • Gardening

      Our toddlers annually help 310 hours in the veggie patch

    • Children

      can daily be placed at our locations