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    Hestia Kinderopvang and School of Understanding (SoU) will work together from August 2021 in providing an afterschool care facility for children aged 4 to 13 years. This collaboration takes place at the SoU location Amstelveen. At Hestia we are very excited about this cooperation. The school’s working method connects wonderfully to the one implemented by Hestia Kinderopvang. At the SoU, the focus lies on the child’s personal learning path, which aligns with the individual talents and needs. They believe it is important that the children first learn who they are, so that they can go out into the world with this knowledge and experience. As they say on their website: “The School of Understanding offers a safe and inspiring environment in which every child is seen, is allowed to be who he is and is given the space to become whoever he wants.” This fits in perfectly with the vision of Hestia Kinderopvang.

    Our working methods correspond, among other things, in the approach to education. At Hestia we often work with corners and spaces with specific purposes, i.e., designed with the aim of performing specific activities. These are, for example, the building corner, the atelier, etc. SoU does something similar with learning squares, which are also aimed at the implementation of specific activities and learning materials. Additionally, there is a ‘learner-centred’ environment at the SoU where students can learn in their own way and feel supported and are offered opportunities. This is also important for Hestia. After all, the belief in the rich and competent child is central to us, in which we recognise the different ways in which a child can be smart via e.g. the multiple intelligence theory.

    Another nice element of the SoU is that it has a fairly international parent group with many expat families. This aligns beautifully with Hestia’s clientele and its focus on diversity and different backgrounds.

    Of course, we can also learn from each other: For example, SoU has indicated that it is excited about being involved in the bilingual approach at Hestia. Both organisations are intensively focused on parent involvement and are therefore curious about how the ‘other one’ approaches this. In addition, it is the second time for Hestia that we become part of a school (Waldorf aan de Werf preceded SoU), and that we will work so closely with the school itself.

    In the future, newly constructed buildings will become available for the school and Hestia Kinderopvang shall subsequently join the move.

    For questions regarding rates and placement, please contact our head office for more information:  Tel. 020-6618710 or via planning.plaatsing@hestiakinderopvang.nl

    After school care – LRK-number:  337556155