For Hestia Parents


    The number of days you can swop, is decided by the days a week you have arranged a placement with us. For instance: you have your child at Hestia for two days per week, you will have the right to exchange 3 days (2 plus 1) annually.

    The rules:

    • Days that fall on a national holiday or days that your child is ill cannot be exchanged.
    • Once you have accepted exchange days, they cannot be cancelled.
    • In the house rules you will find additional information about the possibilities of an exchange day. You can find the house rules on our website with the relevant location.
    • Your child will be placed in its own group. If there is no space in the own group, another group will be chosen after consulting the parents.


    Our locations are closed on national holidays and two annual study days. You can find the closing days for 2022 in this document.


    By listening carefully to your wishes and needs, we strive to work to the satisfaction of parents. However, it can occur that you are dissatisfied with things that have happened. In accordance with the Dutch law on child care (Wet Kinderopvang), Hestia Early Learning Centre has drafted an internal complaints procedure. This procedure describes the process in which complaints of parents are handled and registered. Preferably, parents/carers first discuss the complaint with the person directly involved. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, a formal complaint can be submitted.


    Hestia has a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) at each location. The committee has an advising, signaling and stimulating task, The PAC consults with the licensee or her representative about anything that can attribute to excellent care of your children. The committee regularly meets. The members determine the frequency of the meetings, which are public. Feel free to ask them where and when the meetings will be. The minutes of the most recent meeting are available at every location.

    From every group at the locations, parents have been chosen or asked to join the parent advisory committee. The PAC choose their own president and secretary.