Amstelveen, Amsterdam-Rivierenbuurt & -Noord
  • Overview of our locations

    Hestia Early Learning Centres are located in Amsterdam and Amstelveen
  • Hestia Amstelveen

    Laan van de Helende Meesters 4, Amstelveen | Tel. 020-3459391

    Hestia Amstelveen is a bilingual day care for children aged 0-5 and after school care for children aged 4-12. The children come from more than twenty different countries: from Japan and India to South Africa and of course The Netherlands. All activities are offered bilingually and the groups have Dutch and English speaking staff. This enables the children to easily learn and use two languages. Children that speak another language at home, also learn Dutch and English quickly. Recent research shows that bilingually raised children better develop their intelligence and learn how to make quick and better decisions.

  • Hestia Rivierenbuurt

    Uiterwaardenstraat 542, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6617937

    Hestia Rivierenbuurt offers bilingual daycare and after school care. Your child from ages 0-12 is welcome with us! We are not the only ones proud of the location, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan also told us during the opening he “had never seen such a beautiful daycare”.

    The building was designed with Reggio Emilia, our philosophy, as an inspiration. It was built as a city: a number of rooms, a central square and a connection to the outside world.

  • Hestia Waldorf aan de Werf

    J.H. Hisgenpad 394, Amsterdam-Noord | Tel. 06-86863440

    In 2020, Hestia Early Learning Centre started a cooperation with Waldorf aan de Werf. This is a new intercultural primary school in Amsterdam-Noord. For now located in Nieuwendam, with moving plans for a later stadium to a new building project in the NDSM area. The school opened her doors in August 202, starting with 2 kindergarten groups (group 1 and 2) and one first class (group 3).

    Waldorf aan de Werf also offers after school care. The school has decided to collaborate with Hestia, because of the similarities and overlap between our ‘Hestia Way’ and the Waldorf education. The After School Care facility starts on February 8, 2021, for the time being only for children of parents with a vital profession. 

  • Hestia School of Understanding

    Pandora 4a – 5, Amstelveen | Tel.

    Hestia Kinderopvang and School of Understanding (SoU) will work together as of August 2021 in providing an afterschool care facility for children aged 4 to 13 years. This collaboration takes place at the SoU location Amstelveen. Here at Hestia, we are very excited about this cooperation. The school’s working method connects wonderfully to the one implemented by Hestia Kinderopvang.

    • Once again I would like to thank you for a super fun, well organized afternoon and evening! And… Dinner was amazing! L and F got nice and dirty again and went to bed after a good soak in the tub! I can feel how at home they are with you!

      Mother of two, Hestia Beethoven
    • It was so much fun! Thanks for a great party!

      The N. Family, Hestia Rivierenbuurt
    • J. is doing well at his new school because of all the small and big things he was lovingly taught by the brilliant team at Hestia Amstelveen. Could you please convey our compliments to them and that we, the parents, miss them too?

      S. Family, Hestia Amstelveen
    • After an amazing time with you, we will be saying farewell to Hestia mid February. In April our new house will be finished and the children’s daycare there has this past weekend informed us that they have an opening there from the first of January. Even though we won’t be saying goodbye right this moment, I would like to share that for us our first introduction to day care could not have been better. Under other circumstances, we would have never opted for another children’s daycare.

      Parents, Hestia Beethoven
    • The best thing about them is the teachers – they are warm and genuinely care about the children. I’ve always felt they worked together with us in caring for our kids (we’ve been with Hestia for almost 4 years).

      C. Family, Hestia Amstelveen