Hestia Beethoven

  • Hestia Beethoven

    Gaasterlandstraat 5, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6422929

    Hestia Beethoven is the oldest Hestia location, having started in 2003. The children day care is located in Oldschool: an incubator consisting of creative and artisanal companies. Architect Marijn Schenk (Next Architexts) managed to create a special space: filled with light and with a view on the garden. Vistas and comfortably-designed corners lead to the kitchen and the piazza: the warm hart and the meeting point of the building. This is where the cooking happens for and by the children, where possible biological and always healthy. 

    Dutch Day Care

    Hestia Beethoven offers Dutch day care on all days of the week. The opening hours are Monday to Friday, 07.30 until 18.30 hr. Optionally one can make use of half day care on Wednesday and Friday. This is only possible for the toddler groups. 

    English Day Care

    Hestia Beethoven will start an English-speaking group on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The group is open from 08.30 until 18.00 hr. These opening hours shall be extended to the regular hours of 07.30-18.30 at a later stage. 

    Please notify us should you need day care before 08.30 hr, after 18.00 hr, or on Wednesdays. We can offer day care in combination with the Dutch-speaking group for as long as the English-speaking group has not yet opened on Wednesdays and during regular opening hours.

    Bare feet path & insect garden

    Adjacent to the Hestia Beethoven building is a special outdoor space: a recycle garden, in which many materials and plants have been reused. This garden perfectly fits our vision on sustainability. The garden houses an insect hotel, which the children have helped build. A Barefoot-path can also be found: different textures make it an exciting path to walk. The vegetable garden is used to teach children how to take care of – and enjoy –  plants and herbs.

    Please contact our head office for more information:  Tel. 020-6618710 or via planning.plaatsing@hestiakinderopvang.nl

    LRKP-number: 619750200.