Hestia Beethoven

  • Hestia Beethoven

    Gaasterlandstraat 5, Amsterdam | Tel. 020-6422929

    Hestia Beethoven was the first location and was opened in 2003. This location shares a building with young and creative companies in the ‘Oldschool’ building. A truly unique location was formed by, amongst others, architect Marijn Schenk (Next Architects): light and with views of the garden. There is a kitchen and piazza, where the children and teachers cook. And then all these cosy corners and see through spots, that make the building complete.

    Bare feet path & insect garden

    The garden is not an ordinary one: it is a recycle garden in which many materials and plants come together. This matches the Hestia vision of sustainability. There is a ‘bare feet path’: different tiles, grass and other surfaces make it a special experience to walk on. In the veggie patch, the children learn how to care for plants and herbs – and how to enjoy them.

    At this location you can enroll your child for half days on Wednesday and Friday. This is only possible in the toddler groups. For information please contact our office, tel. 020-6618710 or via planning.plaatsing@hestiakinderopvang.nl.

    LRK-nummer: 619750200

  • Safety

    Your childs safety, both physically and emotionally, is the most important to us. Would you like to learn more about how we deal with this, please read more here.


    The inspection reports of the Hestia locations (Dutch only) can be found on the website of Landelijk Register Kinderopvang. This is the most recent report of the location:

    Report Hestia Beethoven

    • Baby group
      12 children | 0 - 2 years
    • Vertical group
      16 children | 0 - 4 years
    • Toddler group
      16 children | 1,5 - 4 jaar